MUSE, a vision

Christian Chenail first trained as an architect, which is reflected in his fashion designs: the importance of structure, a rejection of “the purely decorative”, a willingness to make a classic vocabulary modern. These constants guide his creative approach.

1979-1983 architectural studies at the Université de Montréal
1987-1988 fashion design at Collège Lasalle
1989 first collection
1993 opening of first boutique, 4467 rue St-Denis, Montreal
1996 Prix Griffe d’Or
1993-96-97-98-99-2000/2001 received grants from Fondation mode Matinée
2003 opening of a MUSE boutique in Quebec city, 7 René-Lévesque West.

Clean architectural lines, precise and careful craftmanship, this is a proposal for an intelligent wardrobe, especially for a woman who is on the move, who is an actor in society. A woman in control, her clothing is an ally that provides and protects her image. A certain rigour without frills, but a desire for timelessness, inscribed in the references of history, softened by a romantic vision of garment that makes her more beautiful! For over 20 years, while MUSE has remained focused on the busy road of the fashion world, it kept its style in evolution, still keeping its place here!